Press Quotes for "Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy and B.D. Love"
Press Quotes for

“At fifteen songs long, there isn’t a bad, or even an average one...There’s no argument here about whether song lyrics are poetry or not because that’s how these lyrics started. Maura Kennedy has risen to an incredibly difficult technical challenge by crafting arrangements across a wide variety of styles which enhance the poetry and, as always, her lead and harmony vocals are perfect...The result is an album that’s technically flawless and packed with feeling and emotion. You can’t ask for much more than that. (Four stars) ”  - Allan McKay,, May, 2015

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"The music Maura wrote for B.D. Love’s words verges on the magical, and the poignant lyrics evoked for me the love poems written by W. B. Yeats for his enchantress and muse."  - Patrick J. Keane,Numéro Cinq Magazine, May, 2015

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“Maura’s album, a collaboration with poet B.D. Love, is, not surprisingly, a strong showcase for Maura’s lovely, expressive voice–never better on record, in our view–and her melodies, set here to Love’s vibrant words.  Villanelle’s 15 songs shine brightly, from the classically-styled pop song, “Bicycles With Broken Spokes,” with its ringing guitars and clever wordplay... to the gently driving, soulful “She Worked Her Magic On Me”; and the magical, swampy “Be the One,” which wouldn’t have been out of place on a Creedence Clearwater Revival album. If we gave out stars, there would be five of them in both Maura’s and B.D.’s baskets.” - Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio 6/9/15

“I had high hopes for Villanelle and it does not disappoint. Maura Kennedy’s voice is as angelic as ever, the songs are all solid. The collaboration with B.D. brings something new while maintaining Maura’s trademark and effective song-writing style. Maura has taken this new departure to create a really unusual album I will listen to again and again.” - Liz Gibson, Cuckoo Review, June 12, 2015

“Maura Kennedy challenged herself to put music to poems by B. D. Love, poems of any construction he chose. That's not the usual method of songwriting, and the resulting pleasant 15 songs will immediately grab your attention. The CD takes you places you likely haven't been.” - Larry Stephens, Country Standard Time, May 2015

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